Hi, I’m Eithne (pronounced Eth-ne!) most commonly called Ef.

So, the stuff before yoga…

I’ve always had a spark for things movement and wellbeing based, starting from a young age starting with gymnastics and dance training.

I left school in Devon back in 2011 after completing my GCSE’S and moving to London, attending Performing arts college and graduating after 3 years with a diploma. I then went on to further study and complete my BA Hons in Performing Arts.

After a few years in the performing world, I gave up my dancing shoes following an injury in my left knee. My doctor recommended yoga as a form of rehabilitation. It still gives me jip, but yoga has been a great way to keep my body strong, flexible and moving (in a more mindful manner!)

Why Yoga?

Yoga to me is a place to tune inwards. On the mat, it’s where I can move my body and find freedom to breath without judgement and play with lots of different styles of moving around the mat. Some days I cherish a more grounding and calm class, other days I want to fire up every single part of my energy.

I started my yoga teacher training in Autumn of 2018 at Frame Academy with two incredible teachers, Emily-Clare Hill of Mudra Yoga Studio and Michael James Wong of Boys of Yoga, Just breath project (they also both run Sunday School Yoga.)

I started the course in 2018 with a good personal understanding of the Asana (movement) practice and left with knowledge and the passion to keep on learning more of all the other practices yoga has to offer.