Corporate classes

Bringing yoga into your workplace could be a huge benefit to your employee well being.

So often people burn out from stress – I’m not telling you anything new here – and that tension is built up over time. We spend SO much of our day looking at a screen that its becoming detrimental to our physical posture and our communication with others (how many times have you sent a slack to a colleague when you could have just walk a few steps to ask in person!)

Gifting your employees with 1 hour of yoga a week could be a small gesture from you with huge impact to each individual.

Yoga isnt building up a sweat (it can be sometimes!), but it’s the support to gently stretch the parts of the body that feel stiff, breathe deeper and simply have time to relax away from a desk and responsibilities – and its only going to strengthen the ‘one team one dream’ bond.

If you’re interested in a taster class or even want to just ask a few more questions, feel free to get in touch! 🙌

FAQ’s for Corporate Classes

What does my workplace need to supply?
In a perfect world, if you had yoga mats and blocks that would be an awesome start. Often staff will have their own mats to bring along but I can recommend a few good ones that wont break the bank if you’d like to get some or if this seems a bit too far, I can look into studio’s near your workplace to hire – this way they will have everything ready and waiting to go for your session! (Outside studio hire will need to be booked by you, the company.)

What can I expect from yoga in my workspace?
This all depends on your staff needs. My recommendation would be lots of stretching to loosen tight muscles, mindfulness in the form of simply breathing/ gentle meditation.

How much do you charge?
Prices vary but generally start from around £80 per hour. Increase on this will come from travel time to venue, setting up and numbers.

Do you do offers on block bookings?
Yup, if you’re looking to book classes on a weekly basis, I’m happy to work with you on a lower price plan – block bookings will need to be 4 weeks at a time.



Eithne is a lovely yoga teacher, very creative and she always makes sure you leave all the stress behind. What I love about the classes is that you can tailor them to your company’s needs. Very much recommended.
Kate – The Analyst

Eithne is skilled at tailoring our classes to a range of experiences and flexibilities. From dynamic to restorative, or even special sequences for climbers amongst us, she brings positive vibes that leave the team energised and refreshed.
Olivia – The Alalyst